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Sangam Hall located in Mumbai is a banquet hall perfectly suitable for conducting an elegant and well-planned wedding. It is minimally decorated but offers well-maintained, refined interiors and will also be a perfect venue for all wedding related ceremonies, like sangeet, mehndi, etc. Combining a wonderful ambiance with modern interiors, Sangam Hall is an ideal wedding destination. With their quality services and courteous staff, they will surely create some everlasting memories for you to cherish for life.

Facilities and capacity
Sangam Hall can accommodate more than 150 people and can adjust different seating arrangements based on the demands of the occasion. It also has a separate area for banquets and you can enjoy your event in the luminous hall with modern facilities and amenities. It offers facilities like basic lighting, electricity, and backup, valet parking, as well as furniture to ensure all your events proceeds without any hassle.

Services offered
An ideal venue is one which offers all the necessary facilities and provides great services, and Sangam Hall fits the bill perfectly. It also offers all the popular cuisines for your occasion. Sangam Hall has a wonderful staff, always eager to please you with pleasant manners and will be very attentive to every little detail, making your nuptial a memorable and comfortable experience.

Sangam Hall offers a wide variety of mouth-watering cuisine which can be made either in vegetarian and non-vegetarian or both, as per your preference. The various scrumptious cuisines which they offer include:
•    North-Indian
•    South-Indian
•    Rajasthani
•    Gujarati
•    Bengali
•    Maharashtrian
•    Jain specific menu

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