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Founded in 2012, Ola Vakkola is a banquet hall based in the city of Mumbai. It's ideal to celebrate any kind of wedding or non-wedding related event and ceremony. It's a one-stop-shop because their staffs take charge of everything; from your wedding decorations to the artists performing on your big day, Ola Vakkola's professional team will turn your wedding event into a celebration. The team here will do all that they can to make your dream wedding turn into a reality.

Facilities and capacity
Ola Vakkola is a great venue which can host small events to large events in its space and accommodate about 300 to 400 people, ensuring that all your banqueting needs and demands are attended. Also, the venue makes sure to offer your guests with great comfort, much convenience, and happy stay experience, as the service staff manages and look after all your guests' and their needs and demands, so as to ensure that everyone has a gala time at the venue.

Services offered
Ola Vakkola offers first-class services for all the wedding-related events. They master in hospitality and exclusivity to turn your event into a unique experience for everybody that attends it. They are equipped with all the modern amenities, appropriately customized to your requirements. Among the services offered, stand out the following:
•    Décor
•    Catering
•    Lights and sound
•    Seating arrangements
•    Entertainment
•    Music

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