Gold Coins Restaurant

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Gold Coins Restaurant

Selecting your wedding venue is a very important and first decision since it is here that everything will be finally tied together, and hence, you must carefully consider all your selected options before settling for one that is perfect for you according to your demands and requirements. Gold Coins Restaurant is definitely the best and perfect choice, given how flexible it is with its amazing capacity, it is the perfect wedding venue for all your wedding celebrations, it is sure to be an absolutely magical wedding affair here.

Services offered

Gold Coins' team will study your personality in order to create the most suitable wedding arrangements for you. They offer a complete food menu including starters, welcome drinks, main courses and desserts. Plus, they also provide cutlery and crockery and make sure that the presentation matches your wedding theme and reflects your personality.


Gold Coins restaurant menu is diverse and it includes an extensive wide variety in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It includes the following cuisines:

  • Continental
  • South Indian
  • North Indian
  • Mughlai
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