Warriors Village

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Warriors Village is a positive vibes scene for your wedding and other related occasions on the off chance that you need a place that is open and offers a lavish domain for your setting. They have a group that can make your wedding a night that you will recollect as a result of the warm cordiality and eco-accommodating set-up. From the relieving area to the warm staff, Warriors Village has everything for you and your visitors to have a night full freshness, fun, and nourishment.
Warriors Village, they have a well-maintained lush lawn with a maximum capacity of holding 500 guests, and can comfortably accommodate all your guests and make their events lively and happy. They offer full power backup so that there is no stoppage in your celebration along with a fully-functional and convenient valet parking facility for all your family members and friends. Their classy and fully set-up poolside is an offering that you don't want to miss out on your dream night.
Warriors Village provides you with the following services which help in making your event a grand success such as a multi-event space, guest accommodation, external décor vendors, and external catering only. They allow you to decide on your caterers and add delight to the buffet that you want to set-up on your big night. Their services staffs are always welcoming and provide warm hospitality. Warriors Village as the name suggests is a venue that you can rely on for your wedding and related events and make them your choice to impress all the guests. They also have a bridal room for the bride to do her last-minute touch-ups and makeup.
Apart from wedding ceremonies and other related events, you can also book the very spacious Warriors Village for various other festivities and get the most out of it. This list includes the following festivities and occasions:
•    Birthdays
•    Anniversaries
•    Seminars
•    Conferences

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