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If you're looking for a wedding venue that will provide you with a regal experience on your big day and make you feel absolutely royal, then you're in the right place! Vivanta by Taj - Ambassador is everything you're looking for! It offers a sophisticated wedding venue, a highly professional staff to serve you throughout your wedding and a multi-cuisine feast that you won't get enough of. Make your occasion memorable with Vivanta by Taj - Ambassador, as they provide you with an unmatched hospitality which will only leave you impressed and speechless.
This hotel offers three different wedding venues for you to celebrate all your wedding festivities in. They include Lutyens Lawn has an elegant and spacious outdoor area with a seating of up to 400 guests. Tango is another venue space ideal for a smaller wedding of up to 40 guests. The Dome is another beautiful banquet hall that can accommodate around 150 to 175 guests, making your event an elegant function.
Making your wedding experience a beautiful endeavour, Vivanta by Taj - Ambassador offers a wide range of services for you to take advantage of on your big day and during your wedding festivities. It offers solutions regarding:
•    Wedding feast: with in-house multi-cuisine restaurants
•    Decorations
•    Seating arrangements
•    Linens and draperies
•    Lighting and sound
•    Entertainment
•    Guest hospitality and accommodation

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