Seven Heaven Banquet

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Seven Heaven Banquet is a Delhi-NCR based company offering you with its best catering services that provide you with a delectable menu option having delicious and tasty food items. Each bite is a flavourful explosion of wonderful taste and aromas which will leave you and your family and friends impressed with the event. Seven Heaven Banquet has a vast experience of serving people with great catering service making your event a memorable affair.

Seven Heaven Banquet ensures to offer you with all the catering requirements in an event and they take care of everything from:
•    Crockery, cutlery & glassware
•    Service staff
•    Presentation of food
•    Lighting setup for food
•    Mineral water bottles
•    Bartender & other bar services
•    Soft beverages, sodas, juices and tonic
•    Cubed ice for the chilling purpose
•    Driver's food

With a team of finest chefs to make your wedding event a culinary success, Seven Heaven Banquet prepares food items that are hygienic and tantalizing. The chefs and cooks of Seven Heaven Banquet provide you with a spread of diverse cuisines in vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood menu. They also customize the food items as per the demands and wishes of the customers.
They have very dedicated courteous and polite staff that will create an ambience of great services and comfort to ensure that all the guests feel the warmth of this place. They will ensure that every last expectation of yours is matched with and that you leave the venue with a heart full of happiness and a brooding sense of satisfaction.

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