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Pearl Weddings & Entertainment is a unit of Priya Retails Pvt. Ltd, and it's located in Gurgaon. Every solution it offers is personalised and customised to specified requirements and personal desires. Pearl Weddings & Entertainment guarantees you an event to be remembered for lifetime.
Your wedding deserves the very best and this business aims to provide the finest outcome. Keeping in mind your requirements and budget size, it will provide you with customised solutions that will best suit your individual needs.
Planning a wedding is a tough task to do and while doing it you need to choose a good venue as per the suitability of your functions. They offer a professional team with great dedication and skill to organise an event of your dreams.
Its professionals assure you that everything at your wedding is going out be on point. They offer solutions for all the below services:
•    Venue selection
•    Catering
•    Guest hospitality
•    Bridal makeup and hair
•    Music and entertainment
•    Celebrity management
•    Photography and videography
•    Conceptualisation, theme and design
•    Wedding invites and favours
Pearl Weddings & Entertainment doesn't only specialise in organising weddings but it also offers its services for:
•    Bridal showers
•    Bachelor and bachelorette parties
•    Jaagrans
•    Mata ki chowkis
•    Inaugurations
•    Religious events

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