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It is extremely important to choose the perfect venue for your perfect day. Every wedding is a different experience with different requirements. However, finding a good location in a place where you can conduct an event without the slightest worry and enjoy the whole wedding experience is most important. Located in South Delhi, Hotel Western King takes care of all your wedding needs and is the ideal venue to host your big day. The team here are experts at ensuring that a wedding is carried out in a seamless manner.

Hotel Western King is the perfect location for all wedding related affairs. They offer two spacious banquet halls for you to conduct all your activities in a seamless manner. The venues are fully air-conditioned with exclusive interior designs and table decor. Its array of state-of-the-art facilities is sure to impress you and your guests. Hotel Western King tries to meet all your banqueting needs and requirements and offers you a good enough space to host your wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies. The staff and management also assist you wherever needed, so as to offer you and your guests with great comfort and convenience.

If you want your wedding experience to be a beautiful one, you should definitely opt for the Hotel Western King. Their well-trained and expert staffs are dedicated to making all their guests feel at home. The in-house catering team is also equipped for preparing some of the most delectable dishes. You can expect amazing services, which you can also customise as per your needs and budget so that you are in sync with the team as well.

Hotel Western King offers you with great hospitality and memorable event experience, assuring, everyone will cherish the momentous occasion. Apart from weddings, engagement ceremonies, other wedding-related functions and parties, Hotel Western King offers itself as the suitable location to organize and execute family get-togethers, corporate events, birthdays, anniversary celebrations, social functions, community events and many other events.

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