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Area Type : Indoor
Area Name : Hall 1
Floating : 150
Seating : 100
Area Type : Indoor
Area Name : Hall 2
Floating : 100
Seating : 60


Deciding on the perfect wedding venue can be a little bit tricky and difficult, what with so many options out there. But, if you want your wedding event to be absolutely dreamy, then you are at right place. This beautiful banquet area is perfect for playing host to a large number of guests, who will most certainly be impressed with their world-class services and gorgeous decorations. And don’t worry, they keep in mind your vision, your requirements, your budget and most important of all, your happiness, on this very auspicious and memorable day.

Its banquet hall has the capacity to accommodate 300 approx., which makes it a suitable venue for hosting both small gatherings as well as a grand celebration. The various facilities which this venue extends and provides include basic power, electricity, and backup to ensure that all your needs are catered to so that you can plan and host your wedding-related events successfully and without any hurdles.

With more than one event space, it can be an ideal venue for your pre-wedding, wedding, as well as post-wedding functions. Some of the services that they offer are a bridal room, in-house catering, in-house decor as well as service staff which is always present to help in case of any inconvenience. Drool Buzz both indoor as well as outdoor settings for your events so that you can organize it as per your convenience and wishes.

Drool Buzz offers a plethora of cuisine options which can be made available in both, vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian depending on your food preferences and budgets. The variety of cuisines which they offer includes North-Indian, Indian street food, Kashmiri cuisine, Mughlai food spread and Chinese cuisine. An array of domestically and internationally recognised cuisines is all on display at this venue.

There are a plethora of other events as well which call for massive celebrations and events. Some of the other functions they have successfully hosted on their premises are listed below:
•    Birthday party
•    Anniversary celebrations
•    Social gatherings or events
•    Personal events or functions
•    Festivals or religious occasions
•    Corporate parties meetups, conferences

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