Bageecha Farms

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Selecting the right venue is the first step to organize a flawless wedding. If you are looking for a wedding venue then Bageecha Farms, situated on the GT Karnal Road in Delhi, offers you an ideal space to get married in. With its serene ambience and the lush green trees surrounding the 'Bageecha', it gives every occasion an additional charm. Bageecha Farms is a 4 acre landscaped area that is equipped with all the amenities you might need. Besides, it has been most used to celebrate Sikh weddings due to its unparalleled location right next to the Siraspur Gurudwara.
With the capacity of accommodating up to 1500 guests, Bageecha Farms has become the ideal wedding destination in Delhi. IT has enough space to accommodate all your friends and family members so that you can celebrate the nuptial ceremonies with all of them. Bageecha Farms has a lot of space to host and organize events and to ensure that all your event and banqueting needs are met, Bageecha Farms strives hard to offer you with the best services and modern amenities and facilities like furniture, valet parking, basic lighting, electricity, and backup.
Alongside booking the venue, it provides you with great services to match your standards of expectations. They put their best efforts to fulfil all your requirements and deliver maximum customer satisfaction with their high-quality services. They provide you and your guests with utmost comfort along with services like service staff, bridal room, in-house catering, multi-cuisine menus, empanelled decor vendors and exclusive space for special events. Trust them with all your heart and you will not be disappointed.
The team of chefs at Bageecha Farms offers a wide range of mouth-watering cuisines which will the surroundings with enticing aromas. 
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•    Chinese
•    Jain specific menus

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