Atithi House

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Atithi House is a wedding venue based out of Delhi-NCR. This venue has a reputable history of producing special occasions and social events from start to finish. It's strategically located in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible for all your guests. Plus, the best part about its location is a serene environment and a tranquil atmosphere leading towards an unforgettable wedding. You can visit them with a generalised idea but they will turn that idea into a reality, one that you will cherish for years to come and then pass down to your future generations and grandkids.
Atithi House offers two centrally air-conditioned ballrooms for you to choose from to conduct your next event. They are lavishly furnished and hold the capacity of accommodating around a hundred guests. Plus, an extra area for catering and entertainment can be arranged. From basic lighting facility to electricity and power backup to an ample amount of furniture for both catering and seating to providing valet services with a provision of accommodating multiple numbers of cars, this venue will cater to one and all.
The professionals at Atithi House are well mannered and considerate to your wishes and that of your guests. Some of their services include the following in their wedding package:
•    Seating arrangements
•    Lighting & sound arrangements
•    Stage/DJ booth/Mandap setup
•    Drinks and beverages
•    Wedding theme and decorations
•    Catering services
Apart from weddings, the team also provides customised solutions for other social events and occasions, such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, meetings, conferences and family reunions amongst a plethora of other celebrations. From your first conversation with them until the very last minute of your function they will be a step behind you to ensure nothing goes for toes.

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