Ashirwad Banquet

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Area Type : Indoor
Area Name : Ground Floor
Floating : 200
Seating : 100
Area Type : Indoor
Area Name : First Floor
Floating : 200
Seating : 100


Ashirwad Banquet Hall is a wedding venue based out of West Delhi. Weddings are always a special and grand event in India that is to be attended by thousands of near and dear ones. Your wedding ceremony and all the related events are going to be the most auspicious events of your entire life. Hence these events must be conducted in a beautiful area like Ashirwad Banquet Hall. Situated in West Delhi, the venue is easily accessible to everyone.

Ashirwad Banquet Hall offers a spacious banquet hall with modern and exquisite interiors and various types of seating arrangements for various wedding events. There is also ample convenient space for its in-house catering and other services. All your wedding and related grand ceremonies can be easily conducted at Ashirwad Banquet Hall with every possible modern amenity. They also have the provision for valet parking, huge parking space to accommodate your cars, basic lighting and electricity backup, sound and music licensing, etc so that your functions is a well-catered to the event.

The venue offers a plethora of world-class services especially in catering with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus. They have a hospitable, friendly and welcoming staff, always ready to serve you and your guests. They always offer great menus and snacks for your grand day. They have some of the most mouth-watering and delectable food spreads in town which is known for their premium quality and super succeeding quantity. They also extend to you an option of arranging for an alcohol license and pay for corkage and bartending charges.

They don't only extend their space for weddings but other functions as well. Some of the other functions they have successfully hosted on their premises are mentioned below:
•    Birthdays
•    Anniversaries
•    Social gatherings
•    Personal events
•    Festivals
•    Corporate parties
•    Kitty parties

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