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Alfa Banquet, located in Rajinder Nagar in Delhi, is a multipurpose and best banquet hall. They are known for providing a modern and latest ambience with professional services to have a seamless wedding ceremony that provides all the modern comforts. Every detail of your wedding will be carefully catered to providing you with maximum comfort and convenience for you and all your guests. They have won countless hearts with their best services and resourcefulness and the premium space that they have grown with love, affection and care. From residential weddings to bachelorette parties, this venue is the perfect fit for everything.

Alfa Banquet offers world-class stylish interiors with exemplary facilities like an air-conditioned banquet hall, which can accommodate 300 guests. The wedding hall is equipped with the latest technology, which is sure to help you solve all your wedding troubles. With ample parking space and a beautiful lawn, you can be assured of having a grand wedding celebration. They also have an array of furniture options available at the venue which you can choose to place however and wherever you please on the day of your wedding function.

The venue is an ideal destination to hold all your wedding-related functions and has some outstanding services to offer you. With an expert team of dedicated service professionals ready to help you at any time and to help with your entire wedding, Alfa Banquet has the perfect and right ambience with the right touch of excellence. The empanelled staffs at this banquet fully understand the importance and significance of your wedding day and thus make it their personal agenda to fulfil all your likes and wishes.

They don't only extend their exclusive venue space for weddings and related events but other functions as well. Some of the other functions they have successfully hosted on their premises are mentioned below:
•    Birthdays
•    Anniversaries
•    Social gatherings
•    Personal events
•    Festivals
•    Corporate parties

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