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Treasured Occasions is a wedding planner company located in Saket New Delhi Treasured Occasions focused on bringing your dreams to life when it comes to an all-around wedding planning. Now, you can leave your wedding woes to the wind and watch as Treasured Occasions steps in and sweeps you off the floor with their skills and specialties. They have worked wonders in  Goa, Jaipur, and Bangalore as a testament of their multi-faceted depth when it comes to turning your grand day into the best. They take care of all the planning needs so that you can sit back and relax. And also their team of seasoned professionals literally take the load off of your shoulders. They offer extensive wedding planning services which will let you solely focus on your big day rather than worrying about how it will turn out to be. The company takes care of vendor management, event-flow management, décor planning and execution, to even managing your guests. And they are also ready to travel outstations and a part of your big day to organize it in a flawless way.


Services offered

Treasured Occasions you with the following services where the idea is to make sure that every little detail is looked after to provide you with excellent services like:


-Vendor management

-Event flow management

-Decor planning and execution

-Guests Management

-Entertainment design and choreography

-Transport and logistics management

-Food and beverages management

-Wedding stationery

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