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Fiore Events & Weddings is a wedding planning company that aims to provide unique experiences with efficient event management and classy services. With unique decors that revolve around captivating color combinations to themes that truly capture the authentic ambiance and lights, Fiore Events & Weddings make each wedding a memorable adventure that you and your guests will always cherish with a smile for a lifetime.


Fiore Events and Weddings offer services that help you to organize a magnificent event. They provide management services for the entire event such as:
•    Vendor management
•    Event flow management
•    Decor planning and execution
•    Guests Management
•    Entertainment design & choreography
•    Transport & logistics management
•    Food & beverage management
•    Signage’s and stationery for the event


Fiore Events & Weddings helps in organizing and executing pretty wedding ceremony, as their professional team of designers, artisans, photographers, caterers and decorators, pay close attention to details and strive to achieve perfection. Fiore Events & Weddings make sure that your wedding is a beautiful keepsake of cherishing moments encapsulated in the album, that you and your loved ones will be nostalgic looking back at.

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