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A.S Wedding Planner is a wedding and events planner vendor who offers a range of event management ideas to create an indelible wedding experience. Located in Sultanpur New Delhi, this business has a creative team with innovative ideas that can convert any event into a remarkable celebration. They can make plans for your special night on a budget that you set for them and will come up with the best possible solutions within that budget. And also, the team of A.S Wedding Planner offers a perfectly drafted package that will include all the services you have asked for based on your occasion's needs and requirements. From finding the right vendors to coming up with perfect event coordination techniques, everything will be included in the blueprint in accordance with your demands. And they have a name associated with well-planned occasions and events with creative and innovative ideas and designs.

Services offered

The professionals of A.S Wedding Planner have worked with a wide range of venues and organized weddings with more than 500 guests. They take charge of all the aspects of a wedding by providing services, like:

-Personalized wedding invitations

-Customized gifts

-Venue selection

-Music and entertainment

-Catering service

-Photographer and videographer

-Honeymoon arrangements

-Flower decor

-Wedding choreographer

-Make-up and hair

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