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If you are looking for an exceptional photography company to cover your wedding as per your desires, then The Dark Room Photography is the go-to option for you. Based on Mumbai, this team of photographers has been in this industry for many years. They combine the latest technologies along with their creative skills and shoot your wedding in the best way possible. They cover your full wedding while its a pre-wedding, wedding or a post-wedding function, their team of experienced photographers, videographers, and editors, put their best efforts to fulfill all your expectations and deliver maximum customer satisfaction through their outstanding work. They are also ready to travel outstations for your convenience. They will ensure to deliver the flawless outcome and their team deliver your final photos with all the editing and post-production done within a month because of their timely and fast services. Also, their team is brimming with amazing and mesmerizing events like pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding ceremonies and the team of photographers, editors and videographers at The Dark Room Photography leaves no stone unturned when it comes to shooting your nuptial ceremonies in the best possible way. They use high-quality lenses and the latest equipment so that they can capture each moment with the utmost perfection and just the way you dreamt it to be. And You can count on him for all your wedding events; from mehndi to the reception, he'll be right by your side capturing all your wedding memories. Besides, you'll receive a customized album filled with high-resolution photos that you'll be able to cherish forever. Also, they specialize in offering an artistic and creative approach for clicking the picturesque wedding you have in your mind. The result is a high-quality picture hitting the appeal button from all. Also, they are the ones who convert your moments into memories for you to cherish for a lifetime. If you are looking for one such company, then The Dark Room Photography is the choice to make as they will cover each of your ceremonies in a beautiful and flawless way.
Services Offered
The Dark Room Photography focuses on all the minute details on the day of the nuptials so that you own a matchless wedding album. He also creates a compilation of entertaining couple portraits to illustrate the joyous moments of the big day in an enjoyable way. His customizable wedding package also includes:
-Image editing and retouching
-Special effects
-Venue photography
-Candid and traditional shoots
-DVD with all the photos 
-Candid Photography
-Traditional Photography

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