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I am at Hitesh Chhabria, I am not much of a talker, but I am a great listener. Having done my masters in commerce I have had a long association with entertainment at companies like Prime Focus Ltd and Reliance Media. Ten years ago I started out as a film editor working in advertising, music videos and TV shows. Those years taught me all about visual storytelling, using movement to create continuity and choosing the right shot for the right moment. Pictures can speak a thousand words and that too in a span of seconds. A fact that reaffirmed my faith in its inherent uniqueness. Wedding photography has been a passion, yes we all love making tall claims about that unique process through which fate gets us baptized forever, marriage. But I thought let’s do away with the claims and let the camera do the talking. Let it candidly capture all that others fail to observe and we ourselves are too engrossed to notice. Beyond the chaos is a connection. Beyond the connection is the hidden chemistry that rib-tickled two hearts and convinced them to function as one. I’m still telling stories today – but of two people, and in a single frame. Being a wedding photographer is the best job I can imagine.
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