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P16 Studios is a wedding photography and videography studio located in Andheri West Mumbai, Wedding photography is the means of clicking and chronicling the happy moments that you witness once in your life. If you are looking for someone who can ensure to provide you with a range of beautifully captured photographs that you can look back on and cherish for life, then your search can end here. P16 Studios will ensure that your wedding is one of a kind and much more special with their quality services. And it’s a company which dedicates itself to creating wonderfully perfect pictures of beauty, glamour, and festivities, this photography company is a great choice to document your wedding memories. Offering professional and modern services, this company aims to serve its clients with a personalized touch. P16 Studios focuses on creating mesmerizing pictures of bridal beauty, wedding details, and ceremonial brilliance. It shoots pre-wedding pictures in the most appealing and romantic manner and offers excellent post-wedding images of parties. The team of P16 Studios is always attentive and observant of the subtle instances of the most obvious aspects of a wedding.

Services offered

The professionals here are experienced and talented who capture all the details in innovative styles and with modern wedding photography techniques. Be it a candid shot or a creative angle, the innovation and skill of P16 Studios show in every frame. With high-quality pictures, it will assist you to preserve and store all your memories in beautiful albums. They will even give you the raw data if asked for. Also, P16 studios doesn't believe in wedding packages as it works on a client's personal needs and requirements. The basic services it offers include:

-Candid and traditional photography


-Cinematic films and videos

-Photo albums

-Digital album with high-resolution pictures

-DVD with the entire coverage

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