Girish Lone Photography

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Girish Lone Photography
Girish is a famous Artist. He is also a product designer with a post-graduate degree in Industrial Design from IIT-Kanpur. During his design days, he picked up wedding photography and now it has become his real profession. He has enjoyed shooting weddings for more than five years now. His signature style of wedding shots mainly consists of moments which are natural and humane, catching the mood with a collage of emotions. The company is in the business of filming, photography, editing and showcasing a cinematic record of weddings in a scripted manner. The team’s aim is to surprise you with a romantic, heart-warming wedding story that has captured every blink and you miss it emotion on film for eternity.
Weddings are all about beautiful moments to be captured, and the experienced team of Girish Lone Photography is specializing in capturing these moments that are remembered forever.
•    Pre- wedding shoot
•    Candid Photography
•    Traditional Photography
•    Photography
•    Cinematography
•    Videography
•    Albums
•    Photo booth
Girish Lone Photography believes in capturing the memories and moments of your biggest day with love, empathy, and understanding. They are here with their best services which makes you happy on the day of your wedding day.

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