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Visual Cherry offers you modern and creative photography services to capture your biggest wedding moments in the most delightful and stunning way. They combine a range of photography styles, blending innovative techniques to weave a beautiful story filled with romance, drama, smiles and little tears. Their approach is to transform your vision into stunning images of colour, style and emotions.
Whether it is pre-wedding shoot or bridal portraits, their team always excel and impress their clients. They offer high-quality pictures, candid and traditional shots, photo booth and you can keep your memories in personalised items like calendars, frames, etc., and montages, photo books, CD/DVD, and many more. Candid photography, traditional photography, traditional videography, and cinematography everything is covered under her service chart.
A popular name in wedding photography, Visual Cherry is always at the forefront of introducing new services and techniques matching the demands of the customer. Visual Cherry offers affordable wedding packages, with wedding photography for all events, from the start to the end. They will make sure that all your pictures reach you within two months of the event
They will surely make your wedding and all its other related functions much more special and memorable so that you have an amalgamation of all of them in the form of an album which can store all your happy memories so that you can cherish them for life.       

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