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The Wedding Studio is a unique blend of tradition and modernity offering an amazing photography to make each moment special and innovative.
Since 2001, the company have specialised in North East wedding and engagement shoots and can provide you with a wide variety of creative, wonderful photography, videography and editing services that are sure to understand and meet your needs.
21 years of experience of working professionally, The Wedding studio brings you the world-class wedding photography.

  Services Provide:

•    Pre-wedding shoot
•    Post- wedding shoot
•    Candid Photography
•    Videography
•    Traditional Photography
•    Cinematic Shoot

The team is friendly and accommodating and willing to work with you as desired to deliver you the best photography experience they possibly can. They company’s advanced, high resolution professional digital SLR and DSLR cameras ensure that your pictures meet even the toughest client expectations both in Digital and Print form.   

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