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Hey this is me! I live with my small family in Delhi.

My foray into professional photography started with weddings and events. No two Indian weddings are similar given the cultural variety that we have. This makes shooting weddings interesting as well as challenging. I have spent the last 5 years covering weddings and this would continue to be my genre of photography for a long time to come.

In the last 2 years (ever since I myself became a mother), I have expanded my portfolio of offerings to include maternity, newborn babies, infants, toddlers and kids. I have a soft corner for family lifestyle shoots. Everyday life is packed with precious moments and you wish there was someone with a camera shooting exactly that. 

Photography is a way of life for me and I love documenting our life as a family. You can see the collection of my personal projects here.  

I am a sports enthusiast and love playing badminton. We also love to travel as a family. 

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