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Redpic Photography is a Delhi-based company owned and operated by the talented photographer Jitin. He has diverse interests and has worked in the field of marketing, and graphic designing too. In 2010, Jitin and his wife Charu have started a graphic agency - Cogent Admak. Redpic Photography offers a range of customizable and affordable still and video solutions to document your wedding occasion perfectly. They will be with you at every step of the way to ensure that each of your happy moments is captured perfectly that will be remembered for a lifetime.
No matter where your wedding location is, within the city or outside, they can travel anywhere at any time and provide their services and ensure that your wedding, as well as its related events, are captured perfectly and beautifully. They have been offering their quality services since the year 2007 and achieving maximum client satisfaction. They can provide their services for a variety of functions which can range from your pre-wedding, wedding, to post-wedding functions.
Redpic Photography offers various packages suitable for different types of budgets and requirements.
•    Candid Photography
•    Traditional Photography
•    Pre-wedding shoots
•    Cinematography
•    Traditional Videography
•    Albums
•    Photo booth
The skilled and experienced team of Redpic Photography has knowledge about the latest technicalities of the photography field and use only the high-quality cameras and equipment to provide the best services to you. Redpic Photography can deliver your final photos with all the editing and post-production done within time without any delay. They would ensure that your wedding is the most unforgettable experience with memories that can be remembered for a lifetime.

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