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Rahul Dutta Photography is a company based in New Delhi which is located. Their aims are to blend the theme, colour, backgrounds and characters to create wonderful nuptial pictures. This photography service is all about giving you customer-specific services that will portray your big moments in a unique and endearing way. From pre-wedding shoots to ceremonial images, Rahul Dutta Photography will capture every situation and occasion with a combination of styles, from candid to traditional. Also, their team is Focusing on the event and the emotions, the pictures of Rahul Dutta Photography displays unscripted situations beautifully and elegantly. Also, it’s services to capture your first couple portraits, makeup sessions, ceremony details and also post-wedding festivities with brilliance and professionalism. Bringing creativity and beauty together, Rahul Dutta Photography focuses on keeping the raw emotions real and forever relevant for you to go through them over and over again with a sense of pride and joy.

Services offered

The team of Rahul Dutta Photography also provides a plethora of services and packages which are customizable as per your preferences and budget. The wide range of services offered by them include:

-Wedding photography and videography

-Pre-wedding shoots

-Candid photography

-Traditional videography and photography



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