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Memor Entertainment has a team of professional photographers who have been specializing in capturing wedding shoots. They ensure that they work according to the client's requirements and deliver the best for them to appreciate and remember forever. They believe that photography is a way to capture those moments which can be remembered for a lifetime in the most innovative way.
They work with the aim in mind of capturing the true essence of pictures that bring out the best in their photography. Choosing the right photographer is essential as in their hands lie the responsibility of creating an unforgettable memory in the form of photographs and videos.

Services Provide
•    Candid wedding photography
•    Candid pre-wedding photography
•    Portraits of the bride and grooms
•    Videography
•    Photo Albums
•    Traditional photography
•    Cinematography

 Alongside, they also offer albums for their clients according to their styles and desires in different sizes within a time frame of 15 days.        

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