I Dont Say Cheese

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I Don't Say Cheese
I Don't Say Cheese is owned by the freelance photographer Gaurav Gupta  He is a specialist in photojournalistic and candid styles, and his aim is to capture pictures that depict actual emotions and situations, giving each photo life and vitality. By combining the two modern styles, he is a contemporary storyteller with the latest equipment and is ready to travel with you to your desired destination. Gaurav Gupta and his team will add a special flavor to the special events and countless memories to remember. Take a move, one step ahead and experience photography beyond your expectations. When it comes to an important occasion like your wedding and other functions, Gaurav Gupta can cater to all your personal requirements. Right from pre-wedding shoots until the nuptial knot is eventually tied, this company does it all for you. They use high-quality lenses and the latest equipment along with their creativity and different styles of photography to cover your wedding functions with the utmost perfection.
 Services offered
-Candid Photography
-Traditional Photography
-Pre-wedding shoots
-Traditional Videography
The team totally understands each other and deal with the client's demand and satisfaction, as per clients needs.

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