Golden Calf Studios

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Golden Calf Studios is a photography service based in New Delhi. If you search for a great photographer who can capture each of your wedding ceremonies with flawlessness and elegance? If you are, then Golden Calf Studios is the go-to person for you. He is a marvellous photographer and videographer who has been covering weddings for many years and will ensure that each of your nuptial ceremonies is captured just the way you wanted them to be. And from pre-wedding wedding or post-wedding functions, Golden Calf Studios team have extensive knowledge and experience in this profession and ensure to use the best of his skills and services so that all your moments are captured beautifully and with the utmost perfection. He has expertise in covering your functions using both, candid and traditional styles of photography and videography. And they are known to personalize all their services so that you can have a unique experience with them at every function related to your wedding.

Services Offered

Golden Calf Studios Photography provides a plethora of services and amenities which can be selected as per your needs and be selected as per your choices. Some of the services offered include;

-Candid Photography

-Traditional Photography

-Pre-wedding shoots


-Traditional Videography


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