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Banjara Studios is a photography company located in Gurgaon. They offer photographs that exude colourful interpretations of love, merriment, and rituals. Seeking inspiration from the mundane to the flamboyant, their pictures show the great tapestry of ceremonies and feelings intertwined with extravagant modern aspirations that makes more innovative. Banjara Studios assists you in achieving a collection of visual photography that provokes imagination and wistfulness. His quality services will surely make your wedding one of a kind and much more special, with a treasure trove of happy and everlasting memories to look back on and remember for life.
They can deliver your final set of edited wedding pictures on time because of their fast and efficient services. Ashish Pareek is the mastermind of Banjara Studios. 
Finding his calling in photography, Ashish dedicated his life to catching the finest moments in a couple’s life. He offers to cover and capture the spontaneous moments of joyfulness and family bonding, with creativity, insightfulness, and ingenuity.
•    Pre-wedding photography
•    Candid wedding photography
•    Traditional Photography
•    Albums
•    Photo booth

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