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Amanpreet Photography is the company based in Delhi. Amanpreet is omnipresent but unobtrusive; she is an amazing photographer of the moment, at the moment. As a renowned figure of ground-breaking photography, she brings humour, technique, unique and a genuine reflection of one day in your life that, thanks to her, can be relived and cherished in poignant and timeless photographs.
Amanpreet is spontaneous and allows the events of the day unfold in their most natural and genuine way. Her mastery and passion have taken her across India to capture the essence of special weddings. From pre-wedding to the wedding and post-wedding functions, she will ensure to cover all your fun and capture it beautifully.
Amanpreet offers a variety of packages and services which you can personalize as per your requirements and budget. 
•    Wedding photography and videography
•    Pre-wedding shoots
•    Candid photography
•    Traditional videography and photography
•    Cinematography
•    Albums
•    Photo booth
Other than weddings, Amanpreet offers her quality services for many other events ensuring perfection in terms of quality of the photos and delivery of services. She is absolutely ready to travel outstations and provide services for any of your occasions. She specialises in fashion photography, catalogue shoots, portraiture photo shoots and also many other types of photography and videography.

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