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Baking Batter is from Chandigarh and believes in providing purity in every bite. They are now a forerunner in manufacturing, supplying and retailing of sweet chocolates, delicious wedding cakes, sweet cupcakes, chocolate brownies, delicious pastries, muffin cups, delicious mousse, delicious photo cakes, customized cakes and many more. They offer their creation of sweet delicacies for birthdays, anniversaries, casual gifting, house warming ceremonies and many more. They have a wide range of selections, with customizable options, to make each event and occasion extra sweet and luxurious. They will deliver the product perfectly and set up with your chosen decorations at the venue. A renowned name for custom cakes, all their products are known to have that much desired individual flavor and theme, which reflects the demands and expectations of the client in the yummiest and appealing way.
Their custom cakes are some of the most sought-after as gifts for a surprise or for that special indulgence. Their cakes are created with patience and then handcrafted with precision which takes a lot of time. Its creations are aesthetically pleasing with an exceptional flavor to please your taste buds.

 Fondant Cakes 
Wedding Cakes 
Cake in Jars 

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