Pooja Peshoria

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 Pooja Peshoria is a designer and owned her store in Mathura Road, Faridabad. She focuses on exclusive designs and delivers a quality in trend garment. From the selection of fabric, trims, surface to fit and finish precision their experienced design and production team leave no stone unturned and presents a gorgeous collection.
From elegant, simple attire to heavy embroidered eye-catching outfits. She has an inbred understanding of how to create classic masterpieces. Pooja believes that through her outfits, use of appliques, different modern cuts, etc. She can spread the vibe of the strength and subtlety of a woman. She can also customize and create your bridal couture in modern contemporary looks and offer you with various magnificent wedding trousseau options to choose or create the design you like. 
To fill your bridal trousseau with appealing and stunning outfits, all you need to do is go through the vast catalogue of Pooja Peshoria. They are mainly specialized in:

  • Lehengas
  • Suits
  • Gowns
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