Kamaali Couture

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Kamaali Couture
Kamaali Couture is the business venture of talented ladies Kamaali and Shruti Mehta. This label is known for its luxurious, Exclusive and highly embellished ensembles suitable for various festive and bridal occasions. Richly detailed and made from fine fabrics showcasing perfect stitching, the outfits featured by Kamaali Couture are always a joy to wear.
Kamaali finished her diploma in Fashion design from the Pearl Academy and later she continued her passion by joining the London College of Fashion. Kamaali established this brand and was soon joined by her sister Shruti. They are inspired by unique personalities, and design custom outfits for special occasions. The team pride themselves on meeting their customers and forming a special relationship with each one. If you have any questions or requests, the team will be more than happy to help you in any way they possibly can. Speak to the team today. She offers the variety that expresses stability in sensuous cuts, classic detailing and an impeccable quality. You can select from an array of different fabric, styles, and patterns, that suits different body types, skin tones, and fashion preferences. 
Kamaali Couture offers you a wide array of choices for dressing up for your various wedding functions. You can select off-the-rack and also order custom designs. 
They are specialized in:

  • Sarees
  • Indo-western outfits
  • Shararas
  • Gowns
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