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Gyans is a clothing company which specializes in bespoke couture. It’s been serving the Indian woman, since 1987, by offering exclusive, exquisite designs. Its collections are synonymous of style, creativity, and quality. After starting its online presence, it became a leading name for getting ensembles of great designers at reasonable prices. Its forte is featuring around sixty designers at any given time and it consistently updates with emerging talent every week.

If you are searching for something unique to wear for your big occasion, Gyans is the right destination for you. You can get any type of designs - contemporary, classic, trendy, chic, you name it and Gyans features everything under the sun. Its bridal collections are a treasure trove of exclusive designs with vibrant colors, prints, patterns, and fabric. As designers, they focus on fashion and preparing outfits what accentuates the beauty of women, their grace and power. While customizing an outfit for a woman the mantra is that woman is beauty and beauty is power, and this they reflect in each of their exclusively designed silhouettes.

Gyan's offers a wide variety of dresses for different occasions - pre-bridal, bridal collections, including accessories like bags, jewelry and many more.

They are specialized in :

  • Sarees
  • Gowns






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