Priyam Nathani Makeup Studio

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Priya Nathani is a Delhi based makeup artist located in Pitampura, West Delhi. Priyam Nathani has conjured her talent to be able to be a provider and a giver of beauty, to relish her clients with the utmost perpetuity of their beauty which looms for their awakening. She is a modest person who appreciates God’s art the way it came, molded and is presented to our eye, to be categorized as beauty for which everyone seeks salvation is rendered within her thoughts. She can transform your personality the way you want it to be comprehended as, the way you want to be looked at and be acknowledged. She is certified from the makeup studio Asiana Wedding Academy, Sukhi Sanghera. She is specialized in Bridal and party makeup. She is an expert in creating a subtly glamorous look allowing you to shine naturally with your glowing skin. She also provides her services for portfolio and fashion shoots along with theme-based makeup. All her brides receive satisfactory services and since she is receptive to their demands and works according to their needs.

Priyam’s elegant work is very famous and trendy. She uses the best international brand. She works with art. To make art more beautiful. She pledges her services for everyone who desires personification of their beauty, art and aura. The services offered by her are:

    HD Makeup
  • Airbrush makeup
  • Hairstyling
  • Lashes
  • Draping
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