Makeup By Suhani

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Makeup By Suhani
Makeup By Suhani is a freelance makeup artist based in the city of Delhi. She has been for many years in this industry and gained lots of knowledge about all the beauty products. She uses products according to the customer’s skin and complexion and skin care is her topmost priority, always pay attention that no product will cause any harm to your skin. She is specialized in every kind of traditional and modern makeup. She ensures you to transform you into a beautiful and princess-like look. She gives paid trials so that you can come to know about your final bridal look. She will be guaranteed that this will be your great experience and you feel very happy after getting your bridal look.

Services Offered
Makeup By Suhani Offered you with quality makeup services and provides you a lot of hair and beauty packages which you can pick and get personalize as per your requirements and budget. The wide array of services offered by her includes:
•    Regular Makeup
•    Airbrush Makeup
•    HD Makeup
•    Party Makeup
•    Friends and family makeup
•    Hair Styling
•    Hair Extensions
•    Eyelashes
•    Draping
•    Makeup service at the venue
•    Bridal Makeup
•    Party Makeup
•    Fashion Makeup
•    Photoshoot makeup

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