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Diksha Mehta Invites is a company based in Okhla, established by Diksha Mehta, who is an alumna of NIFT, Delhi. She has specialised in Accessory Design from the Domus Academy, Milan. After working with several prestigious companies, she started her graphic design studio in the capital. This business aims to offer complete solutions to create high end, bespoke wedding stationery. They also make your wedding stationery experience one of the fun parts and ensuring your emotions are translated into your wedding invitation card.
Diksha Mehta Invites has a number of design ideas ready for you to select from, to create your unique wedding invitations and they are:
•    Regular/Premium paper invitations
•    Laser cut
•    Packaged
•    Boxed/Scroll invitations
•    Contemporary
•    Story-themed
•    Customised
•    Pop Up Cards
•    Digital invite/E-invite
•    Video invites
A large variety of services are offered by this company along with custom designing, calligraphy, printing, trousseau packing, printing, and shipping to the desired location. A range of items can be ordered such as envelopes, inserts, hampers, etc.
It provides custom-made cards that suit your lifestyle and theme of the wedding event. With stunning designs and hundreds of options to choose from, your wedding event invitation is sure going to be one of a kind. They will ensure that you get exactly what you need and want for your event.

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