Life In Slow Motion

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This store in Delhi has all of the things which a man needs for his wedding day. From accessories to footwear and obviously the attire, the store has it all. You don’t need to worry if you got stuck with your office-work for days and haven’t decided what to wear on your big day, only a day is enough to buy everything once you reach this store.

They have splendid designs and patterns to choose from. You are also at the right place if you have no relative or friend to assist you with your shopping. As these people have well qualified stylists to help you out in choosing the best piece which will enhance your personality and make you a show stopper at your own wedding. Each and every accessory is available here and that too in numerous patterns. Their latest collection will impress you for sure as they have many copies of the attire used in the bollywood industry. So, you should definitely checkout the stylish garments straight from the movies and you can pick anyone to look like your favorite hero.

All the goods available at this place comes with a guarantee and you won’t regret buying anything from here. The staff also is humble and supportive, no matter how long you take to decide a particular dress; they will patiently try to cater your needs and will not give up until you are satisfied.

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