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Dj Rishabh is a well-known artist located in the city of Mumbai. He loves to keep the crowd moving and fill the wedding atmosphere with entertainment and happy vibes. He is a party person and has done a lot of successful events with a lot of famous DJs. Rishabh has had a name for being one of the energetic and rocking DJ who will never leave the discs and will groove with the crowd. He is an extraordinary person who has always had a name in being one of most enthusiastic of all.


Dj Rishabh loves to make the evening a rocking time for all the people by filling it with the beats and tracks of his mixtapes and other records. His unique style of tapping and mixing makes his stand out of the crowd. He has performed in many famous locations in like Bangkok, Africa and, Hong Kong and has gained a name in each one of them. He has also worked with Dj Aqeel who is a famous Bollywood DJ, this gave him both exposure and experience.
With a forte in Bollywood music and tracks, DJ Rishabh can play any kind of music but specializes in the list of genres like desi Bollywood and Punjabi along with other desi jams. He is well versed with the functioning of the crowd and knows when the heart is pumping the best way to the beast and when not and with this talent, he is always putting on the best to musical tracks to make all the people in the party shake a leg. He is a soothing as well as energizing DJ


DJ is not just a wedding requirement but is a thing of great fun for various other events as well because dance is the need of every happy moment. These events include:
•    Birthdays
•    Anniversaries
•    Farewells
•    Freshers
•    Corporate parties
•    Club nights

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