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Based in Delhi, in Shalimar Bagh and associated with the City Park venue, VDJ Pankaj started his career as a DJ over a decade back. He has been handling events and providing some great music for the crowd to indulge in. He also provides his DJ services for wedding-related events and makes sure to create an atmosphere that makes everyone swoon at his beats and songs.


VDJ Pankaj offers you with a range of services with customization of your preferences to adapt to your budget and personalizes music to go with the theme of the occasion. The musical genres specialized by him are as follows:
•    Bollywood
•    House/EDM
•    Hip-hop
•    International
•    Punjabi


Carrying a multi-genre approach, the DJ offers to provide you and your guests with amazing tunes to jive and vibe. He splendidly caters to every type of crowd and makes sure that at every event or party, your guests feel utmost satisfied. He's a perfectionist for his services and provides you with high-quality music and works with updated technologies and consoles. The accolades and accomplishments make them an ideal choice to enhance your wedding parties to new heights and the ambiance and mood created will be one the highlights of your big event.

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