The Wedding Tree

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The Wedding Tree

The Wedding Tree, a Chandigarh decor house perfect solution to add magic to your wedding. They create the best custom-made moments for special occasions with their decor services. They pay attention to detail and make sure that even the minutes of the things are taken care of to ensure a flawless wedding decoration that matches the client's expectations. With an expert team to design and ideate, their dedication and creativity are matched to pay attention to every detail that the client demands. They make the venue looks like a dream come true and you feel elated at with every decor piece such that the wedding you always imagined is just complemented with the fun, joy, and laughter. Promising to deliver by making your fantasies and dreams come alive, they personify each wedding event or theme event with the help of their own kind of handcrafted designs and concepts which don't compromise on your expectations. Having a talented team of designers and artisans, they are able to bring your vision very close to reality, such that you will always remember your wedding with happiness and smiles.

Services Provided
•    Outdoor Space
•    Indoor Space
•    Catering Decor
•    All type of custom decor

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