Shervani Kitchen

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Shervani Kitchen has a proud legacy of great quality, taste for innovation and exceptional outdoor catering services. From secret family recipes to premium quality ingredients and world flavors, this business offers a multitude of favorable elements to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Shervani Kitchen will provide perfectly customized services for all your wedding related functions.


Shervani Kitchen will offer a wide range of services, and they are:
•    Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian/Seafood menu
•    Service Staff/ Servers
•    Crockery and cutlery
•    Glassware
•    Presentation and lighting for the food setup
•    Mineral water bottles
•    Bartender and other bar services
•    Soft beverages, juices, sodas, tonic
•    Chilling and cubed ice


The talented team of chefs at Shervani Kitchen will provide excellent menus prepared with high quality spices and ingredients. The cuisines they specialise include:
•    North/South Indian
•    Rajasthani
•    Kashmiri
•    Chinese
•    Thai
•    Japanese
•    Italian/Mediterranean
•    Continental
•    Mexican
•    Lebanese

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