Paprika Kitchen By Praveen Gandhi

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Paprika Kitchen is a well-known outdoor catering service based in Delhi. It started its operations in 2001, and since then has successfully catered numerous destination weddings and high profile events and parties. Their forte is personalization and their success is a testimony to their serious commitment to providing premium services and incredible cuisines to various occasions and celebrations. They have a team that can travel to your location and gives you exceptional services that you will love and remember forever.


Boasting a 300 strong highly professional and experienced team, Paprika Kitchen has the capability to cater to an event of any size and theme. They provide a comprehensive service covering the entire aspect of catering including professionally trained service staff, sophisticated presentation, and customized menus with unique flavors and enticing tastes. Their services package covers crockery & cutlery arrangements, presentation, and lightning of the food stalls, mineral water bottles, along with the soft beverages. They also offer iced cubes.
Combining creativity and experience, Paprika Kitchen can create any menu of your choice and their team specializes in a variety of national and international cuisines, such as:
•    Regional
•    North, south
•    Chinese
•    Thai
•    Italian


Paprika Kitchen is a perfect choice to enhance your culinary experience for events, like:
•    Themed parties
•    Family functions
•    Corporate events
•    Social gatherings

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