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Evergreen Caterers is located in Main Market, Delhi, and it provides catering for corporate and social events across the city. Its team works with the highest quality ingredients to offer nothing but the best. They offer end-to-end solutions to satisfy all your catering-related needs and demands. Your taste buds will explode from pleasure after tasting their wonderful delights! Make your wedding memorable by hiring Evergreen Caterers!


They have a package of services that they offer to all their clients. This covers crockery & cutlery arrangements, presentation, and lightning of the food stalls, mineral water bottles, along with the soft beverages. They also offer iced cubes. Their service staff is always ready to assist all the guests and provide you with an experience that you will always remember. They have a team that will always present the food in the most attractive way possible.


Evergreen Caterers offers a multi-cuisine menu for your event. On the vegetarian section, they have North Indian, South Indian, and Rajasthani, with Indian street food, Pans, churans, etc. along with this they have Italian under western cuisine section and Chinese under the Oriental section also. Their arrangements and fresh usage of ingredients will give you the best food that will make all the guests have a delicious night on your wedding day.


Food and buffets are required for a lot more than just weddings. They are a requirement for a lot of other events as also. Evergreen Caterers offers its services for:
•    Birthdays
•    Anniversaries
•    Corporate events
•    Commercial parties
•    Farewells/Freshers
•    Baby showers
•    Family gatherings

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