Vasundhara Fine Jewellery

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With a belief that each and every piece of jewellery must have an exciting tale behind it, Vasundhara started her journey of creating fabulous jewellery. She was the first woman from South India to start a jewellery business and she takes special care in crafting accessories with individuality and great meaning. With four decades of sparkling success, she created a brand for fine quality jewellery.

With an amazing array of beautiful jewellery collections, Vasundhara now offers bridal jewellery collection with your vision and style in mind. She inspires to create timeless jewellery that you can proudly transfer to the next generation. With an opportunity to participate in the creation of distinct jewellery just for you, Vasundhara speaks to the imagination and desires of all the brides.

The business offers a very exclusive service to custom make your own engagement ring, which is a symbol of love and commitment but it will also tell the tale of your unique love story. Other collections include earrings, neckpieces, pendants and lockets, hair accessories, and bracelets.

They are specialised in :

    Wedding jewelry
  • Bridal jewelry
  • Exquisite Diamond
  • Polki jewelry
  • Gold jewelry
  • Kundan jewelry
  • Platinum jewelry
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