Silverline Jewellery

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Silver line

Silver Line established in 1998 is a jewellery house known for its stunning silver line. It has vast experience in the industry and is a prominent exporter of gold and silver jewellery and precious stones. Silver Line offers an impressive array of ornaments for special occasions and it features different styles like Polki, Jadau and also uncut diamonds. From classic to contemporary they know it all. Ask them to add a vintage look and they will do it, almost all the regional Indian designs are available. Go for real jewelry or pick a semi-precious stone, for them both are equally valuable choices. With a valuable amount of experience that they have gained over time by serving their customers with high-quality services, these artists have secured a non-degradable position in the market.

Silver Line has always designed its jewellery based on the changing times and demands, but it also stayed true to traditional styles. You can find a wide range of choices on its huge bridal collections, which include gold, silver and diamond ornaments. Studded with precious stones, gems, and diamonds, its designs are suitable for various occasions and all ages. The products offered are perfectly crafted and exhibit premium quality.

They are specialized in:

  • Rings
  • Bangles
  • Earrings





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