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RC Jewelers run by the very talented brains, Arun Soni and Monoj Soni, the team ar R C Jewellers understands that your bridal jewellery is an essential part of your wedding day and it has to be completely in sync with the attire that you are wearing. Your makeup, your look, your hair, everything should be in complete collaboration with each other. R C Jewellers are located in Delhi and have a collection suitable for all your wedding and related functions. They have a team that will curate the best jewels for you and makes your wedding look have a glimmery touch along with a shimmery appearance.
They have a rich heritage and have served the industry for more than 30 years already. They have a magnificent range of real jewels for your big day which they prepare with full attention to detail and commitment. Their designs are unique in every sense and are different from all other vendors. From Indian classical designs to contemporary products they have it all. You can get your own jewellery customized according to your ideas. They treat customers with care and considerations and make sure that they are not just temporary visitors but permanent clients.
Apart from wedding jewellery, you can also reach out to R C Jewellers for various other events as well. This list includes the following functions and occasions Birthdays, Anniversaries, Farewells, Freshers, Corporate parties, Club nights
 This range includes all the important accessories that you would require on your big wedding night. R C Jewellers have won many awards in the manufacturing business and have built a reputation that will last and help them in getting an even greater market share.
They are specialized in :

  • Bangles
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Pendants
  • Ear Rings 


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