Jewels By Sahiba

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Jewels By Sahiba is located in Delhi, Jewels By Sahiba offers designer jewellery collections for women. It provides a variety of sterling silver, gold, and diamond jewellery for special occasions such as pre-wedding and wedding functions. So whether you are looking for earrings, rings or pendants, you can get a range of gorgeous jewellery pieces for your special day from Jewels By Sahiba.
The store launches various collections from time to time keeping in mind the latest trends. Some of the collections launched by the store include the Regalia collection, the Pakeezah collection, and the Nakhra collection. Jewels By Sahiba offers innumerable jewellery designs. A lot of thinking and creative approach is involved in making your jewellery designs worth the attention. Providing you stunning masterpieces in various collections like classic, contemporary, designer and vintage styles.
They are specialized in :

    Handcrafted Indian jewellery
  • Contemporary semi-precious jewellery
  • Artificial jewellery
  • Jewellery with gemstones and precious stones
  • Pearl and Kundan necklaces
  • Designer rings
  • Sterling silver bracelets
  • Embossed earrings
  • Danglers
  • Hand harnesses
  • Statement necklaces


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