Bhuramal Rajmal Surana

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Bhuramal Rajmal Surana

Bhuramal Rajmal Surana is a jeweller based in the city of Delhi. They are a well-known and famous name in the jewellery industry with their legacy continuing for over three centuries. They are the experts in creating masterpieces with gems and stones and create a momentum which can be passed on from generation to generation. The new generation of the House of Suranas has upheld the traditions which have been laid out for them for ages and continued maintaining the aesthetic and creative pursuits of their family of providing timeless pieces to their clients. They will ensure to provide you with beautiful and extraordinary jewellery designs for your weddings and its other related events to make it even more special and memorable.

Bhuramal Rajmal Surana offers a plethora of designs in real jewellery, while also offering an extensive collection of Kundan Jadau and diamond jewellery. Their base location of providing their services is in the city of Kolkata, and Jaipur, other than their store in Bangalore. They also offer their clients the facility of custom-made jewellery designs which can be made according to you and delivered within forty-five days of time.The design which they provide can be adorned for a variety of occasions which can range from your pre-wedding, wedding, to post-wedding functions. Their legacy of the finest jewellers has been continuing since three generations, where they have mastered the art of intricate jewellery designs and provide their clients with nothing but the best, which will make their wedding and its other related events much more memorable. Each of their designs is synonymous with a cultural heritage which resonates with the regal aura which will enhance your overall bridal look.

They are specialized in providing: 

    Classic Designs
  • Contemporary designs
  • Vintage designs


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