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Based out of Mohali, Kundan Hut is a jeweler who provides you with bridal jewelry. Jewelry is one of the core aspects of a wedding as it not only serves the purpose of being an accessory but also upholds the traditions of the nuptial ceremonies and cultures that we belong to. As you walk down the aisle in your bridal attire, you want everything to be perfect from your hairstyle to your eyeliner and especially the jewelry that you are adorned in needs to suit the attire and at the same time uphold the traditions of the ceremonies and Kundan Hut helps you attain that. They provide you with jewelry that can be made to order and customized according to your needs and concepts. They have been in the industry for quite some time now and have achieved a good name for themselves apart from a happy clientele. They have gathered experience enough to understand your priorities and work accordingly with precision. They will deliver the final products to you within a week of the orders.

Designs Offered
Kundan Hut offers you with a variety of jewelry that will enhance your bridal look. They provide you with jewelry that suits every occasion without being repetitive in designs and also suits all ages like:
•    Classic
•    Regional Indian
•    Vintage
•    Real jewelry
•    Semi-precious stones

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